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The Academy of Design – Collingwood Melbourne

Academy of Design – Collingwood Melbourne

The Academy of Design, Melbourne video production is a collaboration between Stitch Productions and Trio Orange.

It was a very exciting time when our client contacted us all the way from Montreal to be a part of this exciting time for the fresh Design Academy based in Collingwood, Melbourne.

With a crew of 10 including Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Lighting Crew, assistants and actors, we undertook a two day shoot covering a range of shots to displays Melbourne vibes and what the Academy has to offer.

The Academy of Design

Stitch Productions

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Fashion Label – SUF Apparel

SUF Apparel – Fashion Label

A new Fashion Label has hit the ground running in the last few months!

To make it even more exciting, SUF Apparel have brought Stitch Productions on board to cover all of the social media video marketing for the brand.

Starting from its base at the Stand Up Fitness Gym in Melbourne, the SUF brand has now grown across Australia and the world.
Keeping up with busy social media demands with a new range frequently being launched, Stitch Productions have been able to provide the brand with fresh video production content to promote the brand with video content that the target audience are eager to see.

Check out our clients website at www.standupfitness.com.au

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Explore Planet Earth

Product Review

We were approached by our friends at Explore Planet Earth for a product review video when they were about to have the product launch for their new Speedy 6 tent.

With both Video Production and Photography a part of this project, we were able to provide a set of promotional images and promotional video for our clients website and also social media platforms.

We spent the entire day on location colaborating with our client on the out-skirts of Melbourne in a gorgeous park just outside of Lillydale. Capturing the content was a whole bunch of fun. Working with the company owners and designers, we were able to replay shots on the go ensuring we were capturing their product exactly the way they wanted.


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